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an old children's book about the beans
Vintage 1970 Don't Spill the Beans Cootie Scharper Toy Action Game
a package of bathtub appliques for sale
Remember bathtub appliques from the 60s & 70s - the flower-shaped stickers? - Click Americana
an old board game with two children playing it in the box and on the table
a bar of chocolate with peanut butter on top
My favorite as a child...lasted a longer time than all the others!!!
a red and white checkered book with black lettering on the cover that says better homes and gardens cook book
This was my Mom's favorite cookbook when I was growing up. I have a copy and still love mine!
a yellow lunch box with snoopy painted on it
My lunch box! I had this exact one - third grade
four different types of candy and candies
Artwork for the original Candy Land game by Milton Bradley from 1955.
Candy Land board game cards: Peanut Brittle House, Lolipop Woods, Candy Hearts, Ice Cream Floats, Peppermint Stick Forest, Gingerbread
an old lunch box with the lid open next to a yellow and red plastic container
an advertisement for waffle cupcakes with four different flavors in it and the words waffle cups
I remember these! I loved them.
an orange lunch box with the words happy days on it and two people sitting at a table
vintagelunchboxarchive | Retro lunch boxes, Vintage lunch boxes, Cool lunch boxes
several colored pencils are lined up next to a box of matchesticks and an eraser
Colores pencils x 2