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an alley way with potted plants on either side and cobblestone walkway between two buildings
40 inspirations pour un jardin anglais
Enchanting Garden Walkway
a garden with green grass, trees and bushes in the shape of heart shaped hedges
Landscaping perfection.
a lush green field with trees and bushes
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If the lawn were made of something drought-resistant I would prefer this, but love the contrast of volume and mass between the lavender stands and the flat green.
an image of a garden with rocks and plants in it on instagrams for pinterest
Loveley garden with dry stacked stone wall
an artistic garden with grass and rocks in the shape of cubes, surrounded by bamboo trees
Modern Stepped Garden. Terracing
an aerial view of a garden with benches and trees in the center, surrounded by greenery
Women advices about beauty, fashion, shopping, children, health and family.
Description: Strong shapes were key to the design, so Kirsty created circular lawns and a round island bed, where the stunning Cercis Canadensis takes centre stage
a stone path between two large potted plants
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a japanese garden with rocks and plants in it, along with a wooden walkway leading to a pavilion
Sand and gravel garden.....love it.
a stone path surrounded by trees and rocks
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Japanese Stone Garden Bridge @ Gonaitei Garden 御内庭 Kyoto Imperial Palace 京都御所 Japan
a small pond surrounded by rocks and grass
Adachi Museum of Art gardens...well worth a visit #adachimuseum Japanese Rock Garden, Adachi Museum Of Art, Zen Rock Garden, Asian Garden
Adachi Museum of Art gardens...well worth a visit #adachimuseum
a garden with rocks and moss growing on the ground
Beautiful, Peaceful Japanese-Gardens. A good example of how the layout forms the atmosphere in the garden. The perfect Meditation nook.
a dog sitting in the middle of a garden with purple flowers on it's arch
Image detail for -Gants Mill Garden | GardenVisit.com, the garden landscape guide