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Everything in the universe is and always will be. Nothing new is ever made and nothing dies, energy just transforms into other matter and forms. Albert Einstein said "Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another".

To my children Elizabeth, Joseph and Anastasia I am always with you. All you have to do is have an open mind and a heart that listens. You are my greatest gifts and my love for you eternal.

Self-filling waterer uses vacuum pressure to remain full without overfilling. Black main barrel protects against algae.

homemade chicken waterer- so stinking simple and smart! (Wonder if you could do the same thing with a large "Gatorade" cooler and give your hens cool water in the summer.

13 Common Chicken Diseases Every Chicken Keeper Should Know About (and How to Treat Them)

If you are a chicken keeper, you should know about these 13 common chicken diseases and how to treat them. That if you don't want your whole flock to die.