Elven names

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Book Of Shadows, Raven, Witches, Wicca, Crow, Crows Ravens, Ravens, Grimoire, Witch Spell Book
A Murder of Crows One crow for malice, Owo for mirth, Dire for a funeral Jour for birth A Jive for sliver, Six for for gold, Seven for a story that should never be told, Eight for heaven, Nine for a hell, Gen to the devil where ever he may dwell," - iFunny
an old book with the title'the mind mine'written in black and white
Adventure Seed: The Mind Mine! | Markerslinger
Other Names For Moon, Mystical Names Girls, Siren Names, Celestial Baby Names, Names That Mean Moon, Moon Related Names, Fairy Names, Mystical Names, Moon Names
Twyla, Esther, and Luna: Night Owl Names for Girls - Appellation Mountain
the ten female names for dnd with meaning and pictures on them, including pine trees
10 Female Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character
a woman with long hair wearing a brown dress and holding a basket full of flowers
Name meaning- Verity
a woman's hand holding a ring in front of a mirror with the words alora meaning my dream
Name meaning- Alora
the cover for maelo's new album, gender neutral self name night wind
Gender Neutral Elf Name for a DnD Character
an ocean with the sun setting in the background and text that reads, arvey are
Gender Neutral Elf Name for a DnD Character
a river with rocks and water in the foreground that reads delfin meaning, singer of the waters and whispers
Elvish Fantasy Deity Name Idea