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some black and white business cards on top of each other with the same color scheme
V2 Créations - Graphiste, illustrateur et motion designer freelance - Paris Bourges
Client : V2 Créations / Création du logo, charte graphique et supports de communication / Nicolas LEONARD Graphiste freelance illustrateur
four different types of logos that are in various colors and font styles, including the word micro
ランサーズ [Lancers] - 仕事をフリーランスに発注できるクラウドソーシング
plus_Nさんの提案 - ネット企業のロゴ制作 | ランサーズ
the logos for different brands are shown in this image, and there is no image on it
ランサーズ [Lancers] - 仕事をフリーランスに発注できるクラウドソーシング
the distance plus logo is shown in black and white
Distance Plus Logo
a black and white logo with the words le corbeau on it's side
The Crow
The Crow created by James Coffman
the word clubhouse is written in black and yellow with a hand on it's side
L’application Clubhouse est enfin ouverte à tous
Dans un billet de blog, Clubhouse annonce être désormais ouvert à tous sans qu’une invitation ne soit nécessaire. Le réseau social en a également profité pour dévoiler un nouveau logo. « Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que Clubhouse n'est plus en version bêta, qu'il est ouvert à tous et qu'il est prêt à entamer […]
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Minimalist brand logo design
a black and white logo with the words urban culture on it's left side
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.
the word zari written in black ink on a white background
the word flud written in white on a brown background
The 100 Day Project: Fika
a black and white photo with the words orbopi written in silver on it
Slow Fashion Logo Design and Branding for Orbon
a black and white logo with the letter b
Kunstverein Hof - Branding by Sebastian Berbig and Derya Ormanci
Kunstverein Hof - Branding by Sebastian Berbig and Derya Ormanci
the word mom o'av written in white on green background with letters all over it
Vietnamese Ligature - "Mời Vào"
the logo for aura skin care, which has been designed by person and is black on white
Aura aura moon fusion fashion health skincare cosmetics elegant lettering typography logotype logo