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three men and a woman standing on a dock next to the ocean while one man holds a water bottle
a woman in a black dress holding the hand of a man
Taika Waititi & Rita Ora | Met Gala 2023
a woman in a white dress with rings on her hand and a man wearing a black suit
Taika Waititi & Rita Ora at the Vanity Fair Oscar party
Suits, Jackets, London, Fashion, Normcore, Oras, Rita Ora Style
Taika Waititi & Rita Ora out in London, 12 Nov 2021
three people standing on the steps in front of a house with their arms crossed and looking at each other
a person sitting on a dock in the middle of the ocean under a cloudy sky
*Two slow dancers, last ones out*
two people standing next to each other on a stage
ebon moss-bachrach & ayo edebiri at the independent spirit awards ‘23
two men hugging each other in front of an audience
a man holding a large knife over his face
the princess bride and prince navel are talking to each other in front of an iron gate
Was discussing how expensive books are for college
the many faces of iron man in avengers movie quotes, with captioning below
a man standing with his arms crossed in front of him