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several drawings of different types of tools and equipment in various stages of construction, including an assembly line
Трубогиб ф14 - Чертежи, 3D Модели, Проекты, Гибочные станки
3D-модель трубогиба включая конструкторскую документацию, для гаражного использования. Диаметр трубы данного трубогиба 14 мм. Неподвижный ролики можно заменить на другой [...]
an open refrigerator with the door wide open to reveal a black and white object inside
an image of a robot with instructions on how to use the machine for its work
Pulsing Portable Fume Extractors | Portable Fume Extractors
Garages, Metal Workshop, Diy Workshop, Engineering Tools
the technical drawing shows how to install an overhead light fixture with two arms and one arm
many wrenches are laying on the ground
Even Distance Divider Tool
twelve metal brackets with black handles and white background, set of eight pieces in different positions
Buildpro Welding Tables
an image of a drawing of a crane
Lampe d'atelier par pierrotonthemoon
[Plan] Lampe d'atelier par pierrotonthemoon sur L'Air du Bois
the diagram shows how to install an electronic device in order to make it easier for people to use