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a man and woman are posing on the cover of v magazine, which features an image of lady in a colorful dress
Marina Abramovic & Tyson Ballou for V Magazine
a watercolor painting of people sitting on the balcony of a building in paris, france
The Parisianer | Le blog de Clément C. Fabre
Affiche Magazine // The Parisianer
Tom Gauld’s “Dog Walking 2.0”
Tom Gauld’s “Dog Walking 2.0”
the tokyoter magazine cover with an image of people walking down a city street at night
Japanese Artists Imagine 'Tokyoiter' Magazine Covers Inspired by 'The New Yorker'
The Tokyoiter The New Yorker Magazine Cover Japanese Illustration: Inspired by the iconic cover art of The New Yorker, a group of artists have created The Tokyoiter, a faux magazine. Each magazine cover celebrates both Tokyo and Japanese illustration through beautiful art.
a woman standing next to a large black dog
La cover di Vogue Italia di maggio di Steven Klein
an italian movie poster for the film italiana, with a man looking into a telescope
Davide Bonazzi Illustration: Taormina Film Festival
an image of a building that looks like it has many different colored domes on top
Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America
Russia Red Square White House Time Magazine Cover
an old man in a blue sweater and tie holding his hands up to his head
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the new yorker is on the screen in front of a window with rain drops
Tracy Ma
coverjunkie: “Rainy Day” New cover The New Yorker, artwork Christoph Niemann
a magazine cover with a woman's face painted
Ana Strumpf's DIY Magazine Covers
São Paulo-based artist Ana Strumpf. Customized magazine cover, from the series “Re.Cover”.
a man with a mustache on the cover of a magazine
FANTASTIC MAN Magazine Edition 20 Autumn / Winter 2014: OSCAR® winning Actor Christoph Waltz