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the side of a brown house with pictures on it's windows and grass in front
Osterøy Hosanger
a red house sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a lake in the forest
Norway, Osterøy. by Inna Cleanbergen on 500px
an old log cabin with snow on the roof
Osterøy Museum er en herlig perle!
Osterøy Museum. Foto: Cecilie Bundgaard Torgersen
an old stone building sitting in the middle of a forest next to a body of water
Osterøy. Frå nettet. Redigert i Pizap.
a red and white boat is docked in the water next to a mountain side house
Osterøy Norway..
an old pink house with white trim and windows on the front porch is surrounded by lush green grass
bulla huse osterøy
an old cemetery with many headstones on the ground and a church in the background
Hamre stavkyrka... by Klas Almqvist / 500px
Hamre Osterøy
the sun shines brightly over a marshy area with tall grass and trees in the background
Til Fjells.
Osterøy, Norway