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MOTHER PUTNAM’S / BLACKBERRY CORDIAL - RHEINSTROM BROS. / PROPRIETORS”, Ohio, ca. 1885 - 1895, yellow amber, 10 7/8”h, smooth base, applied mouth, 99% original front and reverse labels say ‘Mother Putnam’s Own Blackberry Cordial.

1885 - yellow amber, 10 smooth base, applied mouth, original front and reverse labels say ‘Mother Putnam’s Own Blackberry Cordial.

Prior to establishment of the modern day FDA, medicine advertising promoted unsafe, unproven and ineffectual health products. Ever heard of the term "snake oil salesman?" The term was likely inspired by Clark Stanley's "Snake Oil Liniment" which he sold during the late 1800s up until about 1916. After the U.S. government analyzed Stanley's concoction and found it contained mineral oil, beef fat, red pepper, turpentine and camphor, it deemed the product of no value and fined Stanley $20.

I’ve been in fitness for a long time now and have seen many trends come and go but none as prevalent and as harmful as that of the current multi-level marketing product craze.

Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe

Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe January 2011 i 'Every year Stranger & Stranger sends out a stunning, limited edition custom designed bottle of liquor. This year, Absinthe made the cut, and the results are stunning.

Theatre Bizarre Embalming Fluid Flask-OUT OF STOCK -

Add to your Goth and punk style with this embalming fluid vintage flask from Detroit's Theatre Bizarre. Drinking embalming fluid has never tasted so good, only for the wicked!