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TARDIS Wristwarmers by Sarah Kuper

TARDIS Wristwarmers

ETA: Someone made them in the round and gave permission for me to link to their project, which gives instructions.

Tardis Logo Scarf by Kristen Danley

Tardis Logo Scarf pattern by Kristen Danley

I created this pattern as an understated, classy option for Whovians who might not feel comfortable going full-on Tom Baker but who still want to be warm in the winter. For those with less color-work experience, it may take a few tries to get the tension for floats correct, but the pattern is quite forgiving. Enjoy!

Bokaclava by Anne-Marie Dunbar


By way of a brief explanation - Bok is a gargoyle/demon in a classic Doctor Who story called ‘The Daemons’. My partner, mere weeks after we first met, asked me if it would be possible to knit a ‘bokaclava’, complete with sticky out tongue.

44 Free Doctor Who Knitting Patterns | see all at

44 Free Doctor Who Knitting Patterns - Knitting for Nerds

Classic and Current Who fans alike will love these 44 free Doctor Who knitting patterns. They go beyond the infamous scarf to include toys and more.

Blink Washcloth by Denise Plourde

Blink Washcloth

Have you ever covered your eyes while watching scary television shows?

Wilf's Hat by Patricia Schönhold

Wilf's Hat

When Doctor Who: The End of Time aired, there was a lot of attention on and discussion of the red cabled beanie Wilfred Mott, gramps extraordinaire, wore. This pattern is the result of a bit of a community effort over at the Who Knits group on Ravelry: the very first draft was made by Anushka, but after test-knitting her chart and swatching around on my own for a bit, I realized I’d made enough changes to justify putting them up myself.

Trillixagon Shawl: Tardis Variation by Margaret Mackenzie

Trillixagon Shawl: Tardis Variation

This pattern is both charted and written out, and only contains an alternate Chart C (border) for the Trillixagon Shawl. There are also some stitch explanations to facilitate your knitting. The Tardis patterning is worked on both right and wrong side rows.