"Hardanger Bride, Norway"    Vintage hand-colored Albumen     Cabinet Card.  Sorta looks like my mom!

solveig Lund Hardanger Bride, Norway Vintage hand-colored Albumen Cabinet Card - Beauty will save

Bunad of Sörfjorden in Hardanger. Three piece cap trimmed with velvet and beading.  Copyright Laila Duran

“Nasjonalen” is the name of this folk costume or bunad from the beginning of the century. Bunad is a Norwegian "umbrella" word for traditional rural clothing.

The National Bunad first introduced when Norway won independence from Sweden. Women from all over wear it and many Norwegian-Americans. Hardanger lace apron.

The official national bunad chosen to represent all of Norway, based off the Hardanger and Voss styles.

Traditional Dress Norway, via Flickr.

Brudedrakter fra Hardanger Found on The National Library of Norway Photo taken by Normanns Kunstforlag in Hordaland,Hardanger Norway

A Hardanger girl, Hardanger Fjord, Norway  [between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900]

Here for your browsing pleasure is an imposing photo of A Hardanger girl, Hardanger Fjord. This color photochrome print was made between 1890 and 1900 in Fjord, Norway.

Bridal costume of Voss, Norway

Voss Bridal Crown (Finland) though I have read the hair would normally be hanging loose to give a feel of balance