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two maps showing the location of tornado damage
Video Oklahoma Tornado Video 2013: Oklahoma Twister Destroys Moore for 2nd Time
men picking lettuce in a field with buckets on their heads and the words,
Best Places to Visit in Oklahoma | 2023 Travel Guide
What Life In Oklahoma Looked Like In 1939
several different types of tickets are shown in this image, including one for tokyo club and the other for whiskers
Club cards
Liquor-by-the wink club cards
a neon sign that says ballroom dancing on the side of a building at night time
Cain's Ballroom Neon Sign
Tulsa, Oklahoma | by Lost Tulsa
two hands holding each other in front of a monument
World's Largest Praying Hands, Tulsa, Oklahoma
World's Largest Praying Hands - ORU, Tulsa, OK
an old map shows the route to chisholma trail, which is located in the
Kansas Chisholm Trail Bicycle Route Guide
an old map shows the location of several buildings
The Ghosts of Ft. Washita, Oklahoma: A Civil War Haunting Ground
two pictures of the outside of a restaurant
Adair's Tropical Cafeteria: OKC's Taste Of The Tropics