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four posters with the names of movies and their titles in green, white and black
Classroom Libraries - Freebie Alert!
the reading competition strategy is shown in this graphic diagram, which shows how to use it
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
Reading Comprehension Strategies - Scholastic - This is a great resource when you're looking for explicit wording for your anchor charts.
the recipe for a fairy tale worksheet is shown in this printable version
Fairy Tales
Elements of a fairy tale--do a mixed-up fairy tale unit. Ican transfer to writing a fairy tale as well
four bookmarks with different types of words and pictures on the front, one in black and
The Book Fairy-Goddess
The Book Fairy-Goddess: Folktales, Fairytales, and Fables, Oh my!
what do we find in a fairy tale? with pictures and words on the front
Home - The Classroom Key
Free Fairytale elements anchor chart... Great "ingredients" for students to plan and write a fairytale! .....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)
a poster with the words making references with poetry and a pen on top of it
Making Inferences with Poetry
Making Inferences with Poetry: Great Blog Post, with FREE resources!!!
an advertisement for children's books with the words growth minds
JoEllen McCarthy on X
books to illustrate a growth mindset
an instagram with some writing on it
Dr. Steve Gray on Twitter
Growth Mindset: What Can I Say to Myself?
a bulletin board with different types of text and pictures attached to the back of it
How to Preview Texts for Research--MAKE THIS
a blue screen with words and numbers on it that say,'leap party '
Teaching in Blue Jeans - Creating a Comfortable Classroom Where Learning is Fun
Great reading review game for state testing
a poster with writing on it that says, summarizing using your words to tell the key ideas from the text
Saturday fun with Mr. Sketch
Summarizing...anchor chart?
Test prep- link to cute YouTube videos to motivate kids :) LOVE these!! You have to scroll all the way down. Primary School Counselling, Videos, Play, Elementary School Counseling, Counselors, Pep Rally, Assembly Ideas, Rally Idea
Rock the Test Pep Rally
Test prep- link to cute YouTube videos to motivate kids :) LOVE these!! You have to scroll all the way down.
a printable test sheet with words and pictures on it
Panicked Teacher
Test Taking!