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a stack of red and white striped cones sitting on top of a black round table
Dr. Seuss party game. I'm doing this for a baby shower game but with more cups and to add to the fun, blindfold them and have them toss a bean bag at the cups
the dr seuss mad libs game is shown in front of a wooden table
Dr. Seuss-Inspired Mad Libs: 5 Free Ways to Have Learning Fun
three blue balloons with the words dr seuss's hop on pop balloon game
Dr Seuss Hop on Pop Balloon Game
an item that is on top of a table with sticks and dices next to it
Fair Winds Teaching
the fox in socks activity cards are great for kids to learn how to use them
Dr. Seuss Activity Cards & International Book Giving Day Blog Hop
a sign that says pin the hat on the cat with an image of a cat
Dr.Seuss Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 2 of 24
free dr seuss the cat in the hat bookmarks with text overlay
Cat in the Hat Bookmark [Free Dr. Seuss Printable]
the cat in the hat book and handprint finger puppets are displayed on a colorful background
Popsicle Stick Thing 1 & 2 Craft
a jar filled with candy sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says, in what you will see
Thing 1, Thing 2 a baby shower for two!~
there is a bowl of gummy bears next to a book and a paper plate
Sponge Painted Apple Craft for Kids
green eggs and pretzel bites are the perfect treat for st patrick's day
Green Eggs Pretzel Bites - Easy Dr Seuss Snack Idea - Mama Cheaps®
the dr seuss activity cube is shown with instructions
Free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Activity Cube for Easy Fun with Kids