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Three Ingredient Cashew Coconut Fudge

Three Ingredient Cashew Coconut Fudge (roasted cashew butter, coconut butter, vanilla ex, honey or maple syrup)

A Praying Mantis Jumped Up Onto A Curled Plant & Looked Like He Was Pedaling AwayOn A Bicycle.. Macro Photography

A praying mantis appears to be pedaling a bicycle in this amusing photo taken by amateur photographer, Eco Suparman, a university student from Borneo, Indonesia. He came across the mantis on a fern in a cemetery in the Ambawang River Village.

Use an old hose to keep plastic on a raised bed garden

Learn How to Create a Raised Garden Bed Cover - Easy DIY with simple supplies: - PVC pipe, old hose, greenhouse plastic, clamps and chains.

SolTech Energy integrates solar with beautiful roof tiles

Swedish company SolTech Energy brings solar in a different direction with their roofing tiles, made from ordinary glass in the shape of ordinary roofing tiles. I've seen the solar panel roof tiles, but I've never seen this.

love the intricate detail of the wings~macro photography

This is a stunning closeup of a dragonfly, a member of the Odonata order, suborder Anisoptera, which comes from the Greek words “uneven” and “wings” because the hindwing is much broader than the.