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Sideways Orion Over Snowy Ireland Credit & Copyright: Brendan Alexander (Donegal Skies) Cosmos, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Pictures, Constellations, Le Far West, To Infinity And Beyond, Winter Wonder, Out Of This World

Snowy Orion I thought I would just try this on a image to see how it looks. I real need to get a soft focus filter though. Image details: Location: Killygordon, Co. Donegal, Ireland Date: 07Dec2010 Camera: Canon 1000D, 18-55mm Kit lens Mount: Fixed Tripod Exposure; 15sec, ISO 1600 Processing: Photoshop 7.0

Orion Nebula in Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulfur Image Credit Copyright: César Blanco González The Orion Nebula spans about 40 light years is about 1500 light years away in the same spiral arm of our Galaxy as the Sun. The Great Nebula in Orion Cosmos, Space Photos, Space Images, Nasa Space Pictures, Nasa Photos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Space Planets, Constellations


thedemon-hauntedworld: “ Orion Nebula in Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulfur Image Credit & Copyright: César Blanco González The Orion Nebula spans about 40 light years and is located about 1500 light years...

Standing out: The bright, pinkish-white star at upper left of Orion, known as the hunter, is Betelgeuse. AKA a red supergiant, Betelgeuse is in the last stages of its life; increasing in size and sending its stellar material into space at a tremendous rat Cosmos, Monte Fuji Japon, Orion Nebula, Constellation Orion, Space And Astronomy, Hubble Space Telescope, To Infinity And Beyond, Deep Space, Science And Nature

The fiery depths of space: Astronomers capture dazzling rainbow nebula swirling round supergiant star

Betelgeuse was captured by astronomers who used infa-red imaging on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

“The Strange Creatures you can see in the Sky. When the old Greeks looked at the Heavens, they imagined that the Stars traced the outlines of all sorts of curious figures. So they grouped the Stars into Constellations and named them. Cosmos, Science Chart, The Pleiades, Star Constellations, Weird Creatures, To Infinity And Beyond, Stars And Moon, Night Sky Stars, Night Light

strange creatures

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POSTER Space Astrology - Amazing Nasa Hubble Telescope Shot RARE HOT NEW Find a Constellation DONE! Robbie found the Big Dipper completely unprompted!Find a Constellation DONE! Robbie found the Big Dipper completely unprompted! Cosmos, Big Dipper, Star Constellations, My Sun And Stars, Science And Nature, Stargazing, Outer Space, Night Skies, Universe

Find a Constellation DONE! Robbie found the Big Dipper completely unprompted!

42 Mind-Blowing Photos Of Space From The Hubble Telescope Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Astronomy Stars, Nasa Space, Constellations, Ciel Sombre, Orion Nebula, Constellation Orion, Horsehead Nebula


nox-vigilata: “ The Horsehead and the Flame Nebulas in the constellation Orion ”

Orion's Belt is the constellation with a belt. Run an imaginary line across the middle star in the belt and find Betelgeuse. Run the line down thru the mid-star of the Belt to the right and there is Rigel. Cosmos, Orion's Belt, Space Facts, Star Constellations, Sistema Solar, Space And Astronomy, Deep Space, Space Exploration, Science And Nature

Sun, moon, stars and beyond with Astro Bob | Duluth News Tribune

Bob King's 'Astro Bob' is astronomy for everyone. Mars, Milky Way, Northern Lights, constellations, star gazing and much more.

There's A Zodiac Constellation Now And People Are Freaking Out About It Cosmos, Into The Wild, Zodiac Constellations, To Infinity And Beyond, Nocturne, Grafik Design, Stars And Moon, Sacred Geometry, Night Skies

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Orion constellation, NASA Space, Hubble, Fade Resistant HD Art Print or Canvas in Art, Prints Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Nasa Space, Orion's Belt, Orion Nebula, Constellation Orion, Horsehead Nebula, Helix Nebula

Betelgeuse: The Clock Is Ticking, and the Alarm Is Set for 100,000 Years

If there’s one star in the sky people know about, it’s Betelgeuse.*

raspuma: “ The Orion Nebula is one of the most well known objects in the night sky. It’s located in the constellation Orion (as you probably guessed) and is visible to the naked eye. Cosmos, All Nature, Science And Nature, Life Science, Deep Images, Deep Photos, Orion Nebula, Constellation Orion, Helix Nebula

Orions Sword

This is a deep image of the Sword of Orion - the three stars that make up the weapon hanging off the belt of this famous celestial hunter. The image showcases the amazing mix of physical and optical processes including atomic emission, Rayleigh scattering, reflection and absorbtion of light, that go on in this star forming region to create this kaleidescope of colours and details. 6 inch apocromatic refractor FLI ProLine11002 CCD & CFW-2-7 LHaRGB = 5hrs 6hrs 30 30 30min Astronomik filters…

Orion the Hunter and Sirius the Dog Star By EarthSky Tonight – August 2016 – look for a first hint of the changing season in the predawn sky: Orion the Hunter and Sirius the Dog Star. The Dog Star, Stars Tonight, Orion's Belt, Star Constellations, Space And Astronomy, Astrophysics, Bright Stars, Milky Way, Science And Nature

Venus, Orion and Sirius the Dog Star |

A sign of the changing season, Sirius - the sky's brightest star - is visible before sunup. The very noticeable 3 stars in Orion's Belt point to it.

Orion – The Hunter Night Sky Star Chart Map – Southern Stars Constellations from 1948 Astronomy Textbook – Constellation Tattoo Night Sky Stars, Stars And Moon, Night Skies, Constellation Quilt, Constellation Tattoos, Cosmos, Orion Nebula, Helix Nebula, Carina Nebula

Orion - The Hunter Night Sky Star Chart Map - Southern Stars Constellations from 1948 Astronomy Textbook

This series of Zodiac Constellations and Northern and Southern Star Constellations is such a fun find. The black and white print has such a graphic punch and would look fabulous matted in white and framed. The black background is solid and even in tone. It has not faded and is beautiful. The stars have fascinated mankind all over the world. From remotest time. man has seen images in the sky and woven myths and fables into the starry patterns. Throughout the different cultures of the…

Wonder of nature: Orion constellation; with the red super giant Betelgeuse and the blue giant Rigel. Orion was named after a Demigod in Greek Mythology Cosmos, Star Constellations, Constellation Tattoos, Constellation Orion, Space And Astronomy, Amazing Spaces, To Infinity And Beyond, Shooting Stars, Stargazing

Stargazing Lovers: Spot the Valentine's Day Star

Bored by chocolates and jaded with roses? Give your sweetie the gift of the heavens for Valentine's Day this year. I'm talking about the Valentine's Day star, which graces the skies with its brilliant red glow each year in early February. —Image courtesy A. Dupree (CfA), R. Gilliland (STSc

Astronomy The constellation of Orion over El Castillo, the Temple of Kukulkan, in Chichen Itza, Mexico. You can see the nebula to the right of the three belt stars, and even make out it’s not a star. Mayan Cities, Orion Nebula, Space Telescope, Space Time, Gods Creation, To Infinity And Beyond, Out Of This World, Science And Nature, Outer Space

Incredible Photo of the Orion Nebula Glowing in the Infrared

The Orion Nebula (also called M42) is one of the most recognizable objects in the entire sky. The middle “star” in Orion’s dagger hanging below his...