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a living room filled with furniture and a dog standing in front of the fire place
Love this rug in this space! Changing things up before we go. Can't believe we…
a dog is standing in the middle of a bathroom with a rug on the floor
Modern Bohemian Master Bath Retreat (BECKI OWENS)
Modern Bohemian Master Bath Retreat (BECKI OWENS)
three towels hanging on hooks in a white room with two cups and saucers next to them
These beautiful and diverse Turkish "towels" are perfect to use as your traditional bath towel, as an accent to your bathroom, at the beach, a swaddling blanket for your babe, or as a light throw in y
a room with a rug, chair and potted cactus
Your New Favorite Bohemian Home Décor Site - Glitter, Inc.
Your New Favorite Bohemian Home Décor Site: Loom + Kiln (Turkish Runner)
three hanging baskets filled with fruit on top of a white wall and two wire balls suspended from the ceiling
Hanging Wire Baskets Set Reserved for Evan - Etsy
Hanging Wire Fruit or Vegetable Sphere Basket by CharestStudios
bottles hanging from the ceiling with plants in them and text overlay that reads 10 creative ways to upcycle old glass bottles
unique...here's how to cut the bottom of the wine bottle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHWYjMlYH50