Oppskrift på Petra-kjolen

Petra dress / Petra kjolen - I will knit this for some yet to be born little girl :)

Lazy Daisy babyjakke - gratis strikkeoppskrift - Pickles

Pickles shared this charming baby dress-up kit featuring a majestic cardigan and turban combo.[via knitted bunny]

Artig skrue-hettelue - Pickles

Pickles Cool Kid Hooded Hat Pattern - Mum grew tired of the hat-on/hat-off-game, and made a hat that´s impossible to get off. This hooded hat also serves as a cowl, and all sizes are free;) This is a must íf you live in a Wintery area.

So adorable! Frøkenkåpe med alpelue - Frøkenkåpe med alpelue - Pickles

Frøkenkåpe med alpelue / Lill' Miss Coat with Hat - Pickles - Pickles