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Joe D. Hatfield holds up the shirt worn by his uncle Ellison on the day he was killed by three McCoys. There are 26 knife holes in it. The three McCoys were killed the same day; one of them, Little Randall, 15, was told to beg for his life but replied, "Go to hell," and was shot.
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L. Lawson Hatfield squats inside an old hollow tree which was long known as the "stink tree," where Hatfields were said to have stuffed dead bodies. (Usually they let them lie.) Devil Anse never repented his killings; he told Miss Thomas; "A man has a right to protect his family."
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(The photo above is the only picture of Jim Vance that I have ever been able to locate. L-R Ock Damron, Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield, James “Bad Jim” Vance, W.B. Borden)
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Lark McCoy and his wife Mary Elizabeth posed for this photograph in 1904. Lark's father, Harmon McCoy, was killed in the Civil War by Captain Hatfield, while fighting on opposite sides. Lark killed plenty of Hatfields, but died naturally in 1937.
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Sarah McCoy- Randell McCoy Wife
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Sarah "Sally" McCoy

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Ellison Hatfield: Probably the only one who you don’t see stoking the flames of hatred throughout the entire series, Ellison comes in at number five for a different reason.In the middle of part two, Ellison breaks up a fight between the families. As a fight ensues, Ellison waves off family members looking to help out and takes on four different McCoy’s at once, and was pretty much dominating the fight.  Unfortunately for him, the McCoy’s
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"Dornick" gravestone of Cal McCoy, killed by Hatfields at the time of the "houseburning scrape." Dornicks are natural slabs of stone which are set up without aid of a professional stonecutter. This is only known grave of a McCoy victim in feud.
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May 10, 1871 Charles Goble McCoy Picture abt.1875-76  Charles' parents were Uriah and Nancy (Nanny) Barnett McCoy, and Charles Goble was the third  of their seven children.  Uriah and Nannie were married in Tazewell, VA, so we are assuming that is where Charles Goble McCoy grew up.
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Bud McCoy, uncle of the Bud McCoy shown on page 109, was wounded in Civil War but lived to take an active part in the great feud. One day he was waylaid by two cousins who had "gone over" to the Hatfields, and shot 16 times. That finished him.
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Johnse Hatfield: Now, I can’t judge a man for not wanting to dive headfirst into a blood feud started by his dad… But I’m going to judge the man for not diving headfirst into a blood feud started by his dad.Johnse is clearly the weakest link of the Hatfield clan. He tries to court Rosanna McCoy, despite his family’s wishes, eventually impregnating her. When it comes down to it, he sides with his family over her, getting her excommunicated from her own family. Then he marries Rosanna’s…
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Jeremiah “Jim” Vance: This guy finishes a very close second to Cap Hatfield.Vance is the Luca Brasiof the Hatfield clan. To put it simply, he finds ways to kill someone. It’s rumored that when he killed Harmon McCoy, that’s how the whole feud began.If half of what happens in this series is accurate, this guy would have been awesome to witness in real life.
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William “Cap” Hatfield:Look up the definition of “stud” and you’ll see a 9×11 photo of this man.He was the family enforcer. Blinded in his left eye, his main distinction throughout the series is he being the best shot between the two families.Why does he earn the top spot? He shot and killed Jeff McCoy from a cliff, across a river valley, and hit him right between the eyes. Is this historically accurate? Probably not Definitely.
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