Kansai Yamamoto was the genius designer of some of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust era beautiful clothing.

40 years ago today David Bowie appeared at the Rainbow Theatre, London giving a special Christmas Eve concert!

the-70s-fashion-archive: Year: 1973 Model(s): David Bowie...

the-70s-fashion-archive: Year: 1973 Model(s): David Bowie... (Fated to Pretend)

Ziggy Stardust iconic photo Bowie & Mick Ronson

“This photo depicts simplicity but excitement if seeing Bowie/The Spiders live. The Rise Of David Bowie by Mick Rock.

David Bowie, 1987

David Bowie - it was difficult to keep to the Bowie standard, but not half bad

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Brian Eno on

David Bowie draws Kabbalah Tree of Life, photographed by Steve Schapiro in LA, to Station".

sisterwolf:  Nothing but love.   The flower is the power!

He invented so much of our modern culture. He left us richer for his being here. Thank you David Bowie. You will be missed.


The love story of Iman and David Bowie, through the years

Iman and David Bowie during David Bowie and Iman at Spago's Restaurant - April 1991 at Spago's in West Hollywood, California, United States.

Brian Eno on

Brian Eno on

Japan, April 1977 Sukita: “Elegantly wearing saveral layers of leather jackets; it reminded me of Kenneth Anger’s movie Scorpio Rising.