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We Must Never Forget That Horrific Summer Day in September; 9-11-2001

We must NEVER FORGET that on the 11th day of September, in the year 2001, Citizens of...and Visitors to...the United States of America, were specifically and methodically targeted by hate-filled cowards. Their brutal and senseless attack, left thousands victims of mass murder! NEVER, EVER FORGET!

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Two Minutes of Silence

Two Minutes of Silence – An original oil by Peter O’Neill was sold at auction for the sum of $20,000.00 on October 10th, 2001. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the original was donated to the New York City Fireman and Emergency Service Relief Fund. We have also donated, to date: …

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9/11 - we will never forget

We will never forget... By FAR the day that stands out to most of us in history is 9/11/01. Today, eleven years later, we will never forget... where we were that day... what we were doing when we heard... Mom and Dad had just returned from a cruise to Alaska. Dad's brother and a friend were here because they took care of us while Mom and Dad were away. The TV was on and someone said a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Mom immediately called Auntie El who still lived in New Jersey to…