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Kjetil Solvang

Kjetil Solvang
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LEGO Sorting Solutions

Wondering about what is the best way to sort and organize your LEGO? Read about the various ways used by long-time LEGO fans!

Printable labels to sort your LEGO bricks Last updated September 30, 2014: Version 1.5 adds about 30 new labels to the collection. In building a lot of LEGO Architecture models and sorting through 50 pounds of used LEGO bricks, I learned that a well organized brick collection is a requirement. I...

I designed a huge collection of easy to read LEGO Labels to help you sort a huge collection and find exactly what you need.

DIY: Mason Bee house (for a more productive garden!)

Masonry Bees that are so integral to our ecosystem. Unlike honeybees or bumble bees, the Masonry Bee is a solitary bee. It has no queen or worker bees. They don’t produce honey or beeswax. Other than mating, their soul purpose is to pollinate.