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the poster is designed to look like an abstract painting with green, pink and black colors
Oslo Design Fair F2016 – Bielke&Yang
Oslo Design Fair Identity by Bielke & Yang #illustration #typography #branding
an open book with chinese writing on the front and back cover is shown in red
Torill Gaarder - BANKS JOURNAL - Online Sales Of Cheap Brand Mens & Womens Clothing And Accessories - Discounts Up To 50%.
the front page of a magazine with an older man wearing a cowboy hat and holding his hands to his face
Norway’s Aftenposten weekend editions
a woman with a tattoo on her back
Armenian Tattoos And Meanings
This badass sidepiece is also by Jimmy Duvall.
a close up of a piece of paper with leaves on it that says, a new type of art
A New Type of Imprint Vol. 1
A New Type of Imprint | Volume One on Behance
an empty bottle sitting on top of a wooden table
wrapping / Epleslang PD
the front and back side of a paper with mountains on it, as well as red numbers
Norwegian Passport Design By Neue, Norway
Norwegian Passport Design By Neue, Norway -
a yellow book with the title how to be uncommon's leader written on it
How to be ungdomsleder - Vidar Flak Graphic Design
three different photos with the same person in front of them, one is holding a plate and
Redaksjonell design
Redaksjonell design / Visuelt / Grafill
the logo for bamsrudlaven gardaudt bidn, 1876
The Dieline Awards 2014: Confectionary, Snacks, & Desserts, 1st Place – Bamsrudlåven Gårdsis
The Dieline Awards 2014: Confectionary, Snacks, & Desserts, 1st Place – Bamsrudlåven Gårdsis
Darling Clementine Paper Lovers, Letterpress Cards, Beautiful Greeting Cards, Print Inspiration, Holiday Design, Retro Christmas, Cute Cards, Yule
Greetings Cards, Wrapping Paper, Notebooks, Letterpress, Stationery
Darling Clementine
an image of a man with glasses on his face
Magnus Voll Mathiassen
two different colored images with one being an open mouth and the other looking at something
Christina Magnussen
a poster with words and pictures on it that say, no mores history is here
Børge B. Bredenbekk
two pictures show the inside of a beer can
Private Site
by Peter-John de Villiers