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there's no place like a strange floor article from flickr
There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor
There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor by wackystuff, via Flickr. Linoleum, believe it or not, is making a come back! In fact, above all other floor options, linoleum came in at... #2!
an old book with different types of quilts and patterns on the pages, including squares
1900 Design. Printed linoleum patterns from 1908 catalog.
a yellow and white floor with the words pretty painted floors on it in front of a window
Fun Linoleum Flooring #4 - Painted Floor Design
a white dresser sitting on top of a gray floor next to a wooden legrest
linoleum flooring | Linoleo Marmoleum Striato - Sala de espera by Forbo Pavimentos, via ...
a living room with a fire place and jewelry hanging on the fireplace mantels
I love vintage linoleum flooring. This came from Dennis's house next door. Under the carpet since the 1940's. Kathleen Hills.
a large kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets, blue flooring is the focal point in this photo
Linoleum? No way! (InStyle Inspiration No. 3)
The Gimlet Eye: Linoleum? No way! (InStyle Inspiration No. 3)
an assortment of different patterns and colors
Best Affordable Vinyl Tile - Emily Henderson
vinyl floor tiles (patterned, solid, wood) wrapup