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a box that has some christmas decorations on it and is decorated with brown, red and white paper
Les ateliers de Marie
CALENDRIER DE L AVENT + tuto de Mariemeyer :
there are many ice cream cones hanging from the rack with decorations on it and an ad for diy
Adventskalender „Winterwald” – mit Anleitung (raumdinge)
Die Tage werden wieder kürzer, die Abende länger ... genau die richtige Zeit, um es sich zuhause gemütlich zu machen und zu basteln. Wie zum Beispiel einen Adventskalender für die Liebsten. In diesem
several pieces of paper laid out in the shape of a flower on a wooden floor
four boxes are stacked on top of each other with numbers and snowflakes in them
Totally Papercrafts #43 Snow and Snowflakes
Tutorial. Really easy. The other photo of another box is much prettier but this tells you how to do it.
a christmas tree made out of rolled up wrapping paper and some candy canes on it
Calendario dell'avvento - advent calendar
Materiali semplici e di riciclo quest'anno per il calendario dell'Avvento. - tubi di cartone - acrilico panna - nastro - cart...
several wrapped presents with red ribbons and tags on them are arranged in order to be used as place cards
37 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas
Homemade Advent Calendar using paper - you could use paper towel rolls cut in half too!
a wooden crate filled with wrapped presents on top of a table next to a blanket
Schneller Adventskalender zum Selbermachen
Stapelweise kleine Geschenke: Dieser Adventskalender ist die perfekte Inspiration für Kurzentschlossene, denn um ihn zu basteln braucht man nicht viel.
a wooden table topped with lots of small pieces of fabric covered in blue and white
Calendário do Advento
a wall mounted calendar with animals and numbers on it's sides, hanging from the wall
Advent Calendar with natural elements :) You could also just display the numbers and on the back side, have an activity to do.
a christmas card with numbers on it sitting next to a planter filled with berries
a cross stitch calendar with a teddy bear and snowflakes on it, surrounded by cotton balls
The cups look to be a little small for goodies but still really cute.
a santa clause ornament hanging on a wall with lots of holes in it
noël - laclassedelila
a close up of a bag made out of buttons and tin foil on top of a table
there is a christmas tree made out of legos
Couronne calendrier de l'avent en rouleaux de papier toilette
Couronne calendrier de l'avent en rouleaux de papier toilette
a christmas tree made out of beer bottle caps with numbers on the top and around it
Magnífica colección de calendarios de adviento originales y fáciles de hacer
Los calendarios de adviento (5)
a christmas tree made out of candy bars with a red bow on it's top
a red basket filled with lots of items on top of a counter
Dollar Tree Gift Baskets Baking Set
a red bowl filled with lots of wrapped presents on top of a counter next to christmas decorations
christmas advent bucket i made for the boyfriend instead of the usual stocking!
a wooden crate sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a christmas wreath
My wife made me a beer advent calendar for Christmas this year.
My wife made me a beer advent calendar for Christmas this year. - Imgur