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the four avatars are depicted in different colors
a drawing of a person doing a handstand
pencil scathes cute girl
Art and craft refer to various creative activities that involve the use of artistic skills and techniques to create visually appealing and expressive works. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, paper crafts, textile arts, jewelry making, and many more. Art involves the creation of visual or auditory forms of expression that are appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. It allows individuals to explore their imagination, emotions, an
a woman sitting on the ground holding a lit candle
Te invito a entrar a mi vida pero no te obligo a quedarte
Hypothetical future Luc's daughter. Could write my own fanfiction for her. [by vasira]
a drawing of a woman with green lights on her head and hands in the air
Descendiente de los dinosaurios
the hands are touching each other with their fingertipss, and they have glowing lights on them
My Powers
There a pretty much like Wanda’s powers. However my power are not chaos magic, I am just extremely extremely gifted at magic and so I’m pretty much an all powerful witch. My powers are wandless and wordless. I was destined to be the most powerful wizard there has ever been. I was a big prophecy that has been around since the beginning of time but most people saw as a myth. My powrs look like this.
the hands are holding something orange and red
a woman in a white dress is dancing with her hands on her hips and arms behind her head
How to cook your egg, Lynn Chen