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Peggy Porschen class on Decorating snowflake cookies

But with blue died cookie/cookie dough? - Holiday winter snow Friday Christmas cookies decorated icing - Peggy Porschen class on Decorating snowflake cookies

Macramé knot tassel - /gunayyetim/bracol/ (Beautiful tassels this site!) BACK //Manbo:

Macramé Knot Tassel Cut twine lengths, group twine, create knot, pull knot in neatly, bind to finish tassel!

Fransk Julenougat

french holiday nougat(nu ga it is made of sucre or honey(miel), roasted nuts and egg whites and sometimes they add candied or dry fruits. the texture of this bar is chewy not soft.

flower in her hair

The fastest way to dress up your favorite simple, breezy summer dress is with a few twists of hair and one of these dreamy hair accessories.

Zdjęcia na osi czasu - 1000 pomysłów na idealne paznokcie | via Facebook

I'm not a huge fan of almond shaped nails, but these do look really nice. Glitter-tip french manicure ! Love the shape of the nail too