Looks like fabric on the bias sewn as a tube with cording inside.

Fargerik bunad from Øst-Telemark. What a beautiful older woman! This is the home area my my maternal grandmother, Julia Serness Holt.

Stakk og liv from Telemark, with beautiful handmade jewellery.Bergtatt Gull og Sølvsmie

Stakk og liv from Telemark, with beautiful handmade jewellery.

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Beltestakk and Gråtrøje, Costumes of East Telemark, Norway part 1

Hello all, today I am returning to Telemark, one of the richest provinces in terms of folk art and costume in Norway. Telemark has.

Norwegian girl in traditional costume, beautiful artwork!

Nordic Thoughts: Norway - 'Telemark Peasant' in a 'beltestakk' Nico Jungman - Norway, 1905

Kvinne i beltestakk rundt 1880

Kvinne i beltestakk rundt 1880

FolkCostume&Embroidery: East Telemark, Norway, embroidered shirts for Raudtrøye and Beltestakk

Hello all, Today I will continue my series on East Telemark costume by talking about the shirts. This garment is called skjorte, .

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Folk Costume, Oslo

Stakk @ DigitaltMuseum.no

Stakk @ DigitaltMuseum.no

The backside of the bunad bodice is made of red silk decorated with silver lace. Her hair is tied up as was customary for unmarried women.

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Overview of Norwegian Costumes, part The eastern heartland