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Oh my gosh. Doctor Who

Wait, so apparently I pinned this. guys I have no memory of pinning this and I'm dead serious, you probably don't believe me and think I'm pretending but I'm not and I'm genuinely concerned right now.<<<Where's the Doctor?

And this truly adorable thought.

Why does this fandom know EXACTLY how to make you cry?<<<<<<😭😭😭😭I started crying and my mom just ignored me cuz she knew I was probs just reading fanfiction

This cute idea that we really hope happened at Ron and Hermione's wedding.

Headcanon that of fucking course Mcgonagall was invited to Ron and Hermione's wedding and that during the reception Ron approached her at her table and held out his hand and asked her to dance, "you know, for old time's sake.

Harry Potter

These Awesome Posters Show A Darker Ending To Harry Potter - a pretty accurate depiction of what would happen to our favorite Hogwarts alumni if Voldemort didn’t die. (Except that Harry would be dead and not on a Wanted poster)

Who is brave enough to accept it?

January Reading Goal for the Year I found this PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge for 2015 online. My reading resolutions are to check off every box on this list and to finish at least 75 books this year.