Kirsten Grøntvedt

Kirsten Grøntvedt

Kirsten Grøntvedt
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Cucumbers are sweeter when you plant them with sunflowers. Don't plant them with watermelons! It ruins the taste of the melons. Lots of other gardening tips on this blog.

Some tips for growing cucumbers. Remember cucumbers are heavy feeders so be sure to feed them often. I use a weak solution of miracle grow or the generic/store brand weekly. Cucumbers need lots of rich soil, lots of manure and heat and water.

101 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Tell You

101 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Told You Food and Farming Do you grow your own vegetable garden. You can even grow a few delicious vegetables in containers.


polymer clay succulent garden I made this teeny weeny succulent garden to go inside the miniature macrame plant hanger I made from the book Microcrafts.

Cool hues - Cool Container Gardens - Sunset

Cool hues - Cool Container Gardens - SunsetA Chamaerops humilis palm (top left) and a ‘Frosted Curls’ carex (center) add texture to Aeonium ‘Sunburst’ (bottom left) and Goodenia affinis ‘Little Luna’ (bottom right).