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Kristin Sandberg

Kristin Sandberg
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Coconut Oil for Horses - Top 10 Uses | Savvy Horsewoman

Coconut Oil for Horses - Top 10 Uses | Savvy Horsewoman

5 Exercises to Strengthen your Horse’s Hind End

I come across many horses that have soundness challenges or general “hind end weakness” during horsemanship lessons and training. The majority of these horses are in the prime years of their life.

Calorie needs for horses in various work load as well as calories per pound of various feeds. I so need this.

Have you noticed your usually hearty eater has become grumpy at dinner time? Maybe pinning his ears? Eating slower or not at all? Has your horse started swishing his tail or moving around when you.

Do the Hoola-Hoop|Horse&Rider magazine

Do the Hula-Hoop Lope. This relaxing exercise will help you learn how to be more confident and supple at the lope.


Excersices For Legs At Home and At The Gym - Collection - Strengthening our legs is an exercise that we are going to make profitable from the beginning and, therefore, we must include it in our weekly training routine

Glue your butt to the saddle with these 3 exercises.

Here are three exercises to supercharge your security in the saddle and mold you into a more effective rider. (Bonus: You’ll look great!) I'm doing the last one for No-Stirrup November

Equine Massage Benefits : Equine Massage: Quarter Horses

A quarter horse or jumping horse has excess stiffness in the hind legs and glutes. Learn to massage a quarter horse in this free horse care video from a prof.