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Merlin stepcomic 4 by Ta-moe

Merlin Comics and ScreenShots favourites by alannainmaine on DeviantArt

I don't ship Merthur but this is really beautiful

Art by MUSHROOMTALE for the wonderful Fanfiction "In spite of everything, the stars" by Polomonkey on Go and read it!

merthur forget-me-not by on @DeviantArt okay, so i literally DIED when i saw this it's just too cute

I couldn’t forget you if I tried Merlin. How about a reincarnation au where merlin used to pick forget-me-nots for arthur every time he went to ga. merthur forget-me-not

Merlin X Arthur #Merthur I love this pairing so much I had to make this.

And Arthurs like yea I love you too man hows that a sercet bc he doesn't realize how MUCH Merlin loves him platonic or not

Woohoo go Gwaine

I totally agree Gwaine would do this. Also, can we just appreciate how long they would have had to stay in to be just the two of them!