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All the fucking time

you never know whats behind a smile till you ask

faking a smile quotes

Done it many times.

Shutting people out

Fighting the tears

Don't cry infront of them, please just fight back the tears. Please, just don't let them see me cry. Anxiety in those situations. I know this feeling so well. I hate it. This feeling is the worst. Anxiety causes it.

It really does...

It hurts when you realize you aren't as important to someone as you thought you were Why do I even fucking bother?

At least not by myself, not anymore

I'm afraid because I know I can't fight forever

Ugh every fing morning is a fing struggle

How I feel every day. It's so hard to make myself talk to people around me and fake a smile on my face when in reality I just want to lay in bed in the dark and sleep this feeling away. I know it sounds depressing but it really does suck :/

That moment when you can't think of anything but what's inside your heart... Him.

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It hurts a lot But I keep it to myself so it doesn't Hurt anyone else

It really hury

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Cheating is a hard mistake to make up for, and sometimes what happened is just plain unforgivable. But if you think you're up to the task and want to apologize and reconnect with the person you love, use these apologetic cheating quotes to try to make up.