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Sofie Kindt

Sofie Kindt
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He's so happy!!

hey sorry I don't mean to be annoying but I am making a card full of supportive messages for a friend with cancer and was wondering if you could just write a small paragraph for her? I sent you a message before but I'm not sure if it sent or not.

fetus 5SOS gif

fetus gif they were the most awkward cutest little creatures on the earth.hey they still are though:-) <<<< OMG look at Ashton and Calum :DD

This gets me exited {gif}

i spit out my water and coughed. beware ashton girls (gif)>>> oh my I can't breathe someone call an ambulance I am dead dead dead on the twitching no!>> You don't even have to be an Ashton girl to be affected by this