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A newer version of the comic about when Spike and Sam first met.

redhead~ ruivo~anime~ideias~style'' http://xn--80aaolcalcnig8a0a.xn--p1acf/2017/01/10/redhead-ruivoanimeideiasstylehttpwww-weibo-comu373009155139/

Snow White with the Red Hair Fanfic

Vampire knight ,Kaname

OMG what this is supposed to be Lelouch( code geass)? He looks like kaname Kuran! From vampire night! <Omg yes he does look like Kaname!

Trying a new style (I sorely need the practice eek). This is Sagiri, the one eared kinda evil fox dude who serves as the Fire lord's guardian. He's also the twin brother of the lord's…

Nogitsune by Sleepingfox

Imagen de anime, tomoe, and kamisama hajimemashita also my husband square up nanami

shizuo-irl:  Original

anime psychopass Ginoza Nobuchika, so handsome *-*

yaiba, show by rock!!, and shingancrimsonz image

yaiba, show by rock!, and shingancrimsonz image

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