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a man with a beard reading a newspaper
a blue blanket with the number ten on it is sitting in front of a city
Diego Armando Maradona. Napoli.
a man sitting in front of a computer monitor next to a microphone and television set
a man with his mouth wide open standing in front of a large stadium and cityscape
an image of a man that is in the middle of a soccer game with many different players
the poster for diego maradona's soccer game is shown in this image
a group of soccer players standing in front of a giant photo on the side of a stadium
a man in blue shorts and white shirt playing soccer
a painting of a soccer player with blue and yellow paint splattered on it
a soccer player is running in the grass under a cloudy sky with words above him
a man standing in front of a large advertisement
a collage of two soccer players in front of a blue background with the number 10 on it
Diego Maradona
a man is kicking a soccer ball in front of him and another man looks on
Maradona Poster / Flyer
a soccer player is standing in the grass with his back turned to the camera and has words above him that read, adidas