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I Think the Fourth Kind is a Butt Thing

awhhhh :) it was such a natural saying that they didnt even realize what they did<<<<omg it would be soooo cool if Destiel became canon that way.

I don't ship it but this is tOO FUNNY

Sam's face omg XD YOU GO DEAN!>> There's normally a next part where Sam says: "But. Dean Cas is in another state!" and Dean answers "Don't you worry Sammy! I'll find him!"<<<<<omg this was too funny not to post

I don't ship Samifer but this is funny.

I just love that the sleeves of Cas' trenchcoat are too long. Haha and Lucy at the bottom "Hello Sam!"<<Don't ship Samifer (sorry people plz don't kill me Sabriel is cuter) but the Destiel part is AWWWWWWW so

Funny Pictures Of The Day 76 Pics

SPN Christmas song I pinned this cuz my vocal teacher made us start singing christmas song and I was like ummm, Hell no, and then I saw this. And I was like BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER!

cockle kisses

Always thought Jensen was weird about Misha or Jared kissing him as I've seen a few pissed off faces from him, but nah, he's as goofy as they are.