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the poster for when one least expect it, which features an image of a man in red
when (one) least expects it by sweetestsorrows
a woman in a cape hugging her head with the caption, a safe devoted darkness
A Safe, Devoted Darkness by HeyJude19 on AO3
Hermione did not believe in things like auras, she’d quit Divination after all, but a chill emanated from the space. It warned of a haunted, twisted place. The abandoned house at the end of the lane you don’t dare approach on Hallowe’en. The cellar door you don’t dare open when you’re home alone. The wooded path you don’t dare cut through at night even if it would be the quickest way home. Only darkness awaited her there. In the last aisle of Malfoy Manor’s library. #dramione
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dramione fanfic cover Hermione, Draco Malfoy, Instagram
out of time by allofthelights11
dramione fanfic cover
the cover for blood moon by ninnana ballerinaa, with an image of a
Blood Moon Dramione by NinaBinaBallerina
a piece of cake with whipped cream on top and the words cake and other courses above it
cake and other curses by akashathekitty
dramione fanfic cover
the gobiet of chaos by blythemond days book cover with two girls hugging each other
two women kissing each other with the words fascination in front of their faces
fascination by missiamphetamine (kaleidoscope)
dramione fanfic cover
a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of flowers with the words 101 rose written on it
the cover to seek and find, with an illustration of two people embracing each other
seek and find by serpent_and_sage
dramione fanfic cover
dramione fanfic cover
bloody, slutty and pathetic by whatmurdah
dramione fanfic cover
a couple kissing each other in front of bookshelves
my love by always07
dramione fanfic cover
a man and woman in black and white with the words lupine written on it
lupine by lilithshade
dramione fanfic cover