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The amazing, steampunk-ish "il Tempo Gigante". Real-life replica of a car from a Norwegian animated movie (Flåklypa Grand Prix/Pinchcliff Grand Prix) made in 1975. (3504×2336)

Flåklypa Grand Prix, Norwegian stop motion-animated feature film directed by Ivo Caprino 1975.

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Behold! An exact replica of the Pinchcliffe Grand Prix car! I'm sorry -- maybe you didn't read that right. It's the fucking Pinchcliffe Grand Prix car! Hmm ... apparently you're not one of the 5.5 million people who bought a ticket to see the blockbuster 1975 film Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. (Baffling note: There were only 4 million people in Norway in 1975.) So this is your first time meeting the inexplicably named Il Tempo Gigante, the premier automotive phallic symbol of every middle-aged man…

Kjell Aukrust. Il Tempo Gigante – Norway’s Most Famous Car « ThorNews