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the logo for an artisan brand with two birds in a oval frame on a green background
Ida Graves Symbol
Ida Graves Symbol identity branding alcohol bird symbol logo
the logo for an urban restaurant called gangoreke stanbul, which is located in san francisco
Tamer Koseli
cangorkem: logo design monogram
an orange and black poster with letters that spell out the alphabet
Caslon Alphabet Prints and Alphabets
Caslon in action. House Industries, Photo Lettering, Benguiat Caslon, Caslon ALphabet Serigraph
a computer screen with an image of a boat in the water and colorful lines on it
Ownluck – Termluck (Concept)
Ownluck - Termluck #concept #packaging by Sabbath​ -
several different types of surfboards are shown in this graphic art work, including the numbers and colors on them
The retro colors mixed with the simple and consistent art style is very appealing.
Global Festival Round-Up 2014 – Young Men Prints & Graphics_new camo Design, Camo, Southern Prep, Fashion Office, Young Men, Round Up, Young Man, Festival
Stylesight - Fashion Office
Global Festival Round-Up 2014 – Young Men Prints & Graphics_new camo
a man with long hair wearing a cowboy hat and holding a moustache on his face
happyacres: wasbella102: William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody when delicate floral embroidery meant Watch Out!
a book cover with words made out of plants
Méchant Studio Blog
Méchant Design Love the lettering from natural things. Have NO idea what the book is actually about!
the word expo spelled out with pine cones, scissors and other items on a table
Found this one in a virtual domain & I feel like it does a great job of explaining the word in the center with the small objects which are placed around the photo and even in the words itself. Nature, maps, insects among other things are all found while exploring making it very clear to the audience. This took a low cognitive effort.
Monki | Scandi clean shirts and wildly printed blouses Fancy Tops, Boat Neck Tops, Dressy Tops, Spring Looks, Pink Top, Basic Style, Printed Tees, Pink Tops, Printed Blouse
Shirts & blouses – oversized shirt or floral wrap blouse? | Monki
Monki | Scandi clean shirts and wildly printed blouses