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a pink building with many windows and balconies on the top floor in india
jaipur: india’s pink city | Well-Traveled Wife
Pink Palace, Jaipur, India
an old pink castle sitting in the middle of a snow covered forest with lots of trees
10 Winter Wonderlands Around the World That Are Warming Our Hearts
a large pink building with many windows and balconies
Life is too short, don't be ....
an intricately decorated building with blue tiles
Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque, Esfahan
Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran
the entrance to an ornate building with blue and green tiles on it's walls
fuck yeah eastern europe
Russian Mosque. #watchwigs
people are sitting on the floor in an ornate room with chandeliers and lights
Mosque inside the Bazar - Tehran, Iran
a large blue building with two minas on top
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Isfahan, IRAN
a flat screen tv sitting on top of a white table
[Picture] The interior of the Sultân Ahmet Çamii masjid (Blue Mosque) of Istanbul -- built upon the razed ruins and vaults of the Byzantine "Great Palace of Constantinople"
Pay respects at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul if you haven't yet: The mosque, officially the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2016.
the entrance to an ornate building with blue and gold tiles on it's walls
Isfahan/ Imam(Shah) Mosque
Isfahan Mosque by horizon
the inside of an ornate building with chandeliers hanging from it's ceiling
an arch in the middle of a building with blue tiles on it and a light at the end
Isfahan, Iran
To light up a room... Bringing in a bright white light from the upper left makes the room look huge! Complimenting the white with multiple shades of blue adds depth to the image. The further away from the white light, the darker the blue.
a man standing in the middle of a street next to colorful buildings
31 of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World
The multicolor homes that line the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, still reflect much of their late-19th-century history. When European immigrants arrived from the Italian city of Genoa, many of them became dockworkers, who, with little to no disposable income, built their homes with thin pieces of corrugated sheet metal from the docks, coated with leftover paint. When one color inevitably ran out, they would simply use another one. And thus a colorful neighborhood was born. Tod