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an advertisement for williams's barbers favorite soap, which is on display at the museum
Selling Soap and Smokes With Victorian Trade Cards
the label for posthotel is shown in red and white, with an image of a town on it
Austria - Landeck - Post Hotel
Austria - Landeck - Post Hotel | Luggage Labels by b-effe | Flickr
four different types of stamps with the words, farm forage and other things on them
Logos, lettering & prints (1st part)
Logos, lettering & prints (1st part) on Behance
many different types of beer labels are shown in this image, including red top and green match
a label for a beer with the word, bass our finest ale in red and gold
William Bass and Company Ale
the label for saporo beer is shown in red and white on a black background
ビール(明治41年)▷サッポロのラガービール(輸出向ラベル) | ジャパンアーカイブズ - Japan Archives
an old fashioned book with a bottle on the cover
an ornate green and gold colored arch with statues on the top, surrounded by red curtains
1887 Proszenium- by Schreiber (reprint)
a drawing of a red curtain on top of a black background with stars and moon in the sky
an advertisement for hendirick's gin
an advertisement for hendrrick's gin, with roses and skulls around it
an old poster with two women on top of the building and people standing around it
an old book with a man holding a baseball bat
Indústria conserveira - publicidade dos anos 30