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an iphone case is open to show the contents
UV Sanitizer & Phone Charger
Sanitize your phone & charge it at the same time! This handy piece of tech releases ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-280nm and is 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and deactivating viruses. Provides safe and environmental friendly sterilization by using pure ultraviolet radiation. Includes: Wireless Charging Function USB Charging Port. Compatible with Apple & Android Mobile Phones.
four rolls of washi tape with flowers on them
Day To Day Calendar Washi Tape
the contents of an anime notebook are shown
1PC Kawaii Sakura Loose-leaf Diary Notebook - Basic Package
a blue and white postcard with two blank notes on it
Weekly Pad
Introduce the joys of planning to your little one. This weekly pad includes sections for reminders and doodling, with 40 tear-off sheets.
'Make a decision' guide sheet Feelings, Decisions, Dating, Intuition, Dream
Giles Paley-Phillips on X
'Make a decision' guide sheet