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a green glass ornament with rope hanging from it's side on a table
9" Green Glass Floats with Rope Lanyards 16$.
a green glass ball sitting on top of a sandy beach
Authentic 3-piece Mold Glass Fishing Float Teal Blue Net | Etsy
Japanese Glass Float
a ball made out of rope sitting on top of a wooden table next to a chain
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Glass Fishing Float Collectible, Norwegian Green, Nautical Decor,Ocean Decor, Fishing Decor, Beach Cottage Decor,Coastal Decor,Home & Garden...
two green glass balls sitting on top of a piece of driftwood next to the ocean
Authentic Glass Fishing Floats Set of 2 Alaska Beachcombed | Etsy
Glass fishing floats
a blue glass ball sitting on top of a wooden table next to the ocean and sky
Japanese Glass Fishing Float Very Old Original Net Baseball | Etsy
Japanese Glass Fishing Float - Very Old Original Net, Baseball Size, Alaska Beachcombed. $19.99, via Etsy.
a large green ball covered in black and white paint on the ground next to a rope
Life can get stormy. But, if we will stay strong, there are treasures that can only be discovered after having weathered the storm. Along with the debris and driftwood, this glass fishing net float has washed up on shore. These are highly valued collectibles, but are only found once they have broken loose and ride out a storm. Matted in an archival quality 14"x18" mat, the image is 9"x10"
a ball is sitting on the beach by the water's edge, with rope wrapped around it
Japanese Glass Fishing Float Original Net Alaska | Etsy
Japanese Glass Fishing Float Original Net by GlassFloatJunkie
a large metal object hanging from the side of a wire structure on top of a pole
Vintage Glass Fishing Float W/ Netting Fisherman Marine | Etsy
XL Vintage Fishing Floats RARE Blue available no by nevastarr, $64.95, put a light in it and use for pendant
many different colored glass balls in a net
Glass Fishing Floats with Netting Stock Image - Image of assorted, floats: 19694627
Fishing Floats
three blue glass balls in a wooden box on a table next to other decorative objects
Set of 3 Buoyant Glass Balls
Set of 3 Buoyant Glass Balls | www.countrydoor.com
Glass Fishing Float, Collectible, Jade Summer 3-Pc NET, Home Decor, Nautical, Ocean, Beach Decor, Cottage Decor, Garden Decor, Fishing Inspiration, Outdoor, Ocean Beach
two blue glass balls hanging from a ceiling
The Decor Source You've Overlooked
Glass buoys were used by Japanese fishermen long ago to attach lines and hooks. This pendant is carefully crafted to resemble a found original, then it’s surrounded with nautical rope to cast a patterned, ocean-blue light. 13" diameter, 13" high At PBteen
there is a boat in the water and some buoys are piled on top of each other
Piled by Veronique AUBOIS-MANN / 500px
Nets and Buoys, San Diego