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a cake with two cows sitting on top of it's head and the words ump spelled out in large letters
This kiss is dedicated to Scotch Naturals. There is only one brand of nail polish that makes me feel like a queen.
How To Find Your Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick
This kiss is dedicated to Scotch Naturals. There is only one brand of nail polish that makes me feel like a queen.
the silhouette of a person holding an umbrella in front of a purple background with lines
Purple Rain- By LoveFace Studios
Had to do this one just for fun! (Did someone mess with one of my umbrellas?)
purple glass vases with lavender flowers in them
Royal Color
Purple vintage beauty • photo: Laura Kaufmann on 52 Flea
two vases filled with flowers and candles on a white table cloth covered round table
The Purple Craze Continues!
Submerged tulips with floating candle. Use two medium size cylinders for additional centerpiece next to large vase. Also use for groomsmen, cake, candy and gift table.
two pictures with different colored letters on them
DIY Gold Magnetic Letters
Spray Paint Magnetic Letters so they look like GOLD! (Or blue and red) #kinderchat. Way cheaper than buying the kits!
four different shots of purple flowers in glass vases and plates with napkins on them
Pretty lilac table decoration.
a purple table cloth with white flowers and candles on it is set up in a tent
Our Handmade Wedding
Love the lace over the table cloth
a heart shaped word cloud with words related to university and other subjects in the background
Yvan Do - Certified Google Ads Partner | Pay-Per-Click Consultant
JMU Dukes Wordle - JMU Marketing Major
a blue poster with white text and numbers on it's side that says you know you want to jump when
JMU Class of 2012 T-shirt design! So proud to have graduated from such an awesome school...but very sad that I don't actually have one of these shirts :(
a mason jar filled with lemons and purple flowers
DIY Decorating - Modernize the Mason Jar | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
a map of the state of virginia with many things in red and white on it
Harrisonburg Virginia Landmark State Giclée Print 8x10 | Etsy
Harrisonburg, Virginia Landmark State Glicée Print - 8x10 - Purple and Gold University Print
this is an image of someone's name on their birthday present box made out of glitter
Now Trending: JMU Graduation Caps of 2012
Now Trending: JMU Graduation Caps of 2012 | Her Campus
a football stadium filled with lots of people watching the band play on the sidelines
JMU Libraries
Football Stadium
the words i will forever wear purple and gold are in front of a large building
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Forever and ever and ever.
a painting with the words love, purple and gold painted on it
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Made to Order Canvas JMU Love Purple Live Gold by AllThingsJMU
people are walking around on the grass in front of buildings and trees with pink flowers
JMU....happiest place on earth! :D (PS...I lived in the building where this photo was probably taken from. Ashby Hall!)
a wooden sign with the word jump written in white yarn on it and a purple background
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I was a JMU Duke, so naturally James Madison University has a special place in my heart! This JMU string art has the heart in Harrisonburg, of
a river running through a lush green park next to tall buildings with red roof tops
You experienced this everyday.
You experienced this everyday. | 20 Signs You Went To JMU
a woman sitting on the ground with sparklers in front of her and words spelling out
JMU (@JMU) on X
Happy Independence Day from the university named for the 4th president of the US and "Father of the Constitution."
several pictures of people at a party with streamers and confetti on the floor
YES Im going to have streamers at my wedding!! JMU tradition!
a graduation cap that says how lucky i am to have something so hard to say goodbye to umu
Just Know the Memories are Unforgettable
Are you graduating this year? Here's how to make the most out of your last semester!
a statue of a man holding a fish on top of a hill next to flowers
James Madison University
a purple and yellow sign that reads james madison university on the side of a staircase
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James Madison University sign JMU Dukes sign Dukes by lawler01, $35.00
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings
Greenhouse allows for partnerships in biology research
Interesting American Ginseng propagation research coming out of James Madison University, looking at ideal soil conditions:
a young man holding up a yellow sign that says in three words with the word written on it
Congratulations, new Dukes!
this video always bring tears to my eyes. #jmu
a green sign that says james madison university exit 24 / 5 on the side of the road
three cupcakes with yellow frosting and sprinkles on a white plate
You are what you eat: Purple and Gold!!