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a painting of a woman holding a plate in front of some cows and palm trees
Pic: Iraqi
Pic: Iraqi
an image of a woman with muscles on her back
Hierbij kan ik zien hoe de spieren eruit zien, zo kan je ook zien hoe het lichaam beweegt bij een beweging
the muscles are shown in this diagram
FIG. 418 - Collection at
Gray's Anatomy - Posterior surface of the forearm. Superficial muscles.
a drawing of a human heart with the image of a woman and a leopard on it
Two souls live oh in my breast... (Heart with molekul man)
a drawing of a human heart on brown paper
Heart by Rustamova on DeviantArt
Heart by on @DeviantArt
worth dying for - worth killing for - worth going to hell for. sin city? Art, Joelle Jones, Sin City
Joëlle Jones
worth dying for - worth killing for - worth going to hell for. sin city?
a drawing of the head and neck with blood vessels running through it's face
From Manuel d’anatomie descriptive du corps humain by Jules Germain Cloquet, published in 1825
an old diagram of the human heart
9 Anatomical Heart Drawings!
corazon humano dibujo realista - Buscar con Google:
an image of a man's torso with blood vessels in the heart and chest
07 - Patrick Hickley
a black and white photo of a scorpion in the sand
Coyotito was bit by a scorpion in the beginning of the story. This injury was a catalyst for many other important events. This image of the scorpion poised to strike is a perfect visual representation of the moments before Coyotito was stung.