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In a Lawson, Missouri, housewife answered a knock at her front door to…

In 2009, a Lawson, Missouri, housewife answered a knock at her front door to find a young girl she did not recognize. The child, about seven years old and wearing a white dress, had dirty hair and bad breath. She said she needed help and pleaded to come inside, but the woman noticed the girl's eyes were coal black. The woman immediately closed the door and locked it; she was so traumatized that she needed medical attention and refused to leave her house for days.

A paranormal investigator is appealing for witnesses after a resurgence of sightings of an eerie entity known as the "black-eyed child". Lee Brickley is scouring the Staffordshire beauty spot of Cannock Chase after receiving claims the girl, "who.

Cannock Chase’s Black-Eyed Demon Child

Cannock Chase Forest Cannock Chase is a 26-mile forest in southern Staffordshire, England. Over the years, many sightings of strange creatures have been reported in this forest. Many of these sightings revolve around a demon girl child that is similar to reports today involving so-called Black-eyed Children. I talk about sightings of Black-eyed Children in the United States, here. In England’s Cannock Chase these unusual sightings have been reported since the early 1980s. In July of last…

Frances Jones is raising funds for An Unknown Horror: In Search of Black Eyed Kids (Feature) on Kickstarter! Black Eyed Kids are one of the scariest paranormal phenomenons around. This film sends Sunshine on a journey to discover the truth!

Black Eyed Children prob scare me more than anything, thanks Dave Schafer for scaring the bejesus outta me

Black Eyed Kids or Black Eyed Children. Some say they're demonic, some say they're alien hybrids. Still others say they're nothing but figments of someone's imagination, stories started in the

The Black-Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids or Black Eyed Children. Some say they're demonic, some say they're alien hybrids. Still others say they're nothing but figments of someone's imagination, stories started in the 1990's.

PRESENT - Black eyed kids Starting somewhere around 1998, the internet started buzzing with tales of Black Eyed Children, AKA “Black Eyed Kids” or “BEKs” as they’ve come to be known. It doesn’t take much time in Google to find a plethora of creepy tales, proposed explanations, and hucksters trying to make a buck on the idea. From genetic anomaly and “new form of albino” to creatures from another dimension stalking us for food, it’s out there. Question is, what is it? Bizarre Stories, Scary Stories, Stories For Kids, Black Eyed Kids, Haunted Happenings, Strange Beasts, Mysterious Places, The Uncanny, Urban

Black Eyed Kids

Is this evidence of what happens if you let a BEK into your home? This report of what happens if you let Black Eyed Children into your home comes completely 4th hand. So believe it if you will. It is edited for spelling because I couldn’t stand looking at all the red misspelling squiggles as […]

The Black Eyed Children

CPI Investigator speaks to BBC radio about Black eyed children sighting Black Eyed Kids, Creepy Stories, Comics Story, Demonology, World Of Darkness, Cryptozoology, Urban Legends, Faeries, Scary

BEK or black eyed kids- urban legend: children or teenagers having solid black eyes; no iris or pupils. They are extremely polite, asking very nicely to enter your house or car. Most refuse them access because the person suddenly gets a feeling of impending doom. Not much is known of what happens if you agree to let them in.

In the ghost has been seen by a mother and daughter while walking through woods at Cannock Chase. The account given to Lee Brickley was very similar to previous reports of the “Black Eyed Child—who has coal-black pits for eye sockets. Real Ghost Photos, Ghost Pictures, Dark Pictures, Scary Ghost Stories, Creepy Ghost, Black Eyed Kids, Alien Encounters, Black Pit, Real Ghosts

EXCLUSIVE: Ghost of 'Black Eyed Child' spotted for SECOND time as terrified locals flee

FRIGHTENED residents are packing up and moving homes after it emerged the ghost of the terrifying Black Eyed Child was spotted for the second time in the UK.

The Black Eyed Children Phenomenon [Video]


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Creepy<< haha I legit have a Halloween decoration with this picture Creepy Kids, Creepy Dolls, Arte Horror, Horror Art, Horror Pics, Creepy Horror, Paranormal, Photo Halloween, Creepy Halloween

Demonic Black-Eyed Children

UPDATE: Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley is now crowdfunding for a documentary on the Black Eyed Child sightings from Cannock Chase, England. Please show your support HERE In the summer of 1982, my auntie was 18 years old. She and her friends would often meet and “chill” (her word, not mine) on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today. One of the groups many pastimes involved donning horror masks and attempting to scare away couples…

‘Black Eyed Kids’ sought for movie Black Eyed Kids, Cool Contacts, Hull House, Remote Viewing, Phantom, Mothman, Ring Doorbell, Cryptozoology, Alternative News

The February 2014 issue of PARANORMAL UNDERGROUND MAGAZINE is now online at, and the interactive version of this issue will be available in the Apple Newsstand in a few days! We feature Brian Cano of Haunted Collector, Cashtown Inn, UFOs and paranormal activity, the devil baby of Hull House, ectoplasm, psychic attacks, a personal experience with Mothman, astrological gemstones, doppelgangers, how to protect against demonic attacks, and black-eyed kids.

The Creepy Urban Legend of the Black Eyed Kids Black Eyed Kids, Creepy Urban Legends, Cabinet Of Curiosities, Creepy Stories, Eyes, Children, Chef Boyardee, Cut Loose, Antarctica

Cabinet Of Curiosities Podcast

Count Von Crazy Elena's tomb Elena's Corpse Von Cosel holding a photograph of Elena The starship Countess Elaine Von Cosel with the death mask of Elena he created

Black Eyed Children: Coast to Coast AM In the first half of Friday's program, George Noory was joined by paranormal investigator David.

Black-eyed children of Staffordshire, England - mysterious childlike beings seek permission to enter person's abode - Altered Dimensions Paranormal Creepy Old Photos, Cool Photos, Amazing Photos, Black Eyed Kids, Creepy Kids, Creepy Children, Scary, Creepy Ghost, Creepy Art

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The ghost of a black-eyed girl has been terrifying people who've seen her...and it's been happening for over 30 years.