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Søssa Magnus - New dog

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Great online prices for LZF Link Pendant Lighting - award winning design by Ray Power for LZF Lamps in Spain.

Pendelleuchte Link sp


Pendelleuchte Link sp

PHOTO OF THE DAY The SWIRL pendant lamp by Ray Power in white cherry wood http://bit.ly/1SYkLJd

After designing the Link family of lights for LZF, Irishman Ray Power created the Swirl suspension light with the same rigorous study of form and geometry.

LZF Pendant Lamp - The Best Prescription: Wallgreen Offices

Walgreen Offices designed by JPC Architects, Washington. Features a Link pendant by Ray Power produced by LZF Lamps

Søssa Magnus

Søssa Magnus

'Link Pendant Lamp by LZF. @2Modern'

Link Pendant

It was way back in 1858 when German mathematicians August Ferdinand Mobius and Johann Benedict Listing discovered the mysterious Mobius Strip, with its eternall