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provisional cast on. Knitting tip i have been trying to find for ages makes a cable pattern easier to start without the weird squishy appearance at the beginning and allows you to unravel the yarn for a seamless sew up later on Набор петель косичкой

Красивый узор елочкой пышными столбиками, #haken, gratis teltekening, haakschema, gevlochten popcorn steek, techniek, #haakpatroon, #crochet, free chart, diagram, woven popcorn stitch, technique

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Способы соединения вязаных спицами деталей.

узоры спицами

different seaming techniques. I should read this, my seams are always a mess.

Как красиво вшить рукав в вязанное спицами изделие

«Узоры в копилку/основы вязания...»

Knitting Tip: Easy Way to Close Sleeve Gaps Top down knitting projects are some of my favorites. They are pretty much seamless except for a small area where the sleeve stitches are picked up on the underside. Picking up and joining the sleeves can sometimes leaves a pesky gap. When I get that gap, here's the easy way I found to close it. 1. When re-joining the yarn to work the sleeve stitches, leave a longer tail than usual (approximately 6" or so). 2. Use that tail to work a dup...

Knitting Tip: Easy Way to Close Sleeve Gaps